I don’t really have much to talk about today, so this is going to be totally random.

I’m super pissed about CBS not participating in any streaming television or on-demand stuff. I just got into Blue Bloods and have been obsessively binge-watching it on Netflix, with the intention of catching up with the current season on Hulu. Five seasons, y’all. I watched FIVE seasons of a show, and developed an after-New Kids crush on Donnie Wahlberg (Jordan was my guy during the late 80’s/early 90’s). But no, the commie bastards at CBS won’t allow it. I feel like I’ve read five books of a six book series and just found out the sixth book won’t come out for like a year.


It feels crappy. I’m depressed about this. First World problems, I know. But I NEED my Donnie Wahlberg fix, dammit. And I can’t even watch Donnie Loves Jenny because I don’t have cable anymore.


What else…Hmm…

Oh, okay, so what’s with the “I’m the kind of girlfriend” memes that make you look atrocious? I see these on Facebook all the time lately. Girls posting memes about how lonely they are, right behind a meme that says “Me as a girlfriend” with a follow-up statement about being so jealous you’re snooping through a guy’s phone or burning all his stuff if he doesn’t act right.

Keep posting that stuff on a public forum, honey. Make sure ALL men can see that you’re a psycho. I’m sure that’ll make them come running to date you.


I think that’s all I got. As you can see, I have absolutely no life whatsoever. My job is to live here and collect rent on the first of the month, and I don’t have a car. I think I may have forgotten what it’s like to enjoy social activity out in the world. It’s weird to resent technology and still have it as your only social outlet. Love/Hate.

Meh. I was never a big fan of people, anyway. I am thoroughly entertained by those people who are really super friendly to everyone – you know, those never-met-a-stranger types? I’m fascinated by them. They must have the patience of Job. I’m so perfectly content in my own little world, as long as I have control over when & where I venture out.

If I could afford grocery & supply delivery, I would never leave. This hermit thing would reach a whole new level, guys.

I wonder if I should worry about that.



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