HGTV makes it all look so pretty…

Even their contractors.

My building needs a new roof. Contractor says he’s building a scaffold this afternoon. I make a tenant move her car, and block off the space for him. He never comes back. He told me they’re starting at 5 am. then it changes to 9 when I call to ask why they’re not back building the scaffolding.
At 9:30 am, I call the contractor. Because he IS NOT HERE. I hadn’t had enough coffee too call my contractor. I hadn’t had any. Bad idea.
They’re not here because there’s a delay with the supplies.
Could ya call & let me know?
Please keep me in the loop. I need to inform my tenants about how this project affects the parking, and it affects their sleep schedule as well, because we have some night shift people. Please, Juaquin. Its important. Even if its just a text, I need to know if you’re not going to be here when you say you will, or if the time frame changes by a whole day.”
When he mentioned the weather, I about had a fit, because I’m looking up at a clear, cloudless sky. And I know there’s a chance of rain. A small chance.
But this is Texas.
If you call off something huge because of a small chance of rain – how do any roofers make any money, ever, in this state?
We have this conversation about how I need to BE TOLD WHAT IS UP, every mo*(&#$^fu(*&#^%ing time there’s a new project.
 A month ago:
“Hey, since you’re removing my entire bathroom and I’ll need a place to stay and a place for my dogs, time to clean my house and pack, etc., will you PLEASE give me a few day’s notice on when you’re getting started?”
He promises he will.
What do I get instead?
Roughly 18 hour’s notice.
Then, I get about 10 days of “Almost done”.
And here we go with a roof. Again.
Yes, its the same guys that did the other roof. The one that took 3 weeks.
He promises he’ll let me know by 1pm today what the scoop is.
I’m gonna go ahead and hold my breath.

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