Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP!

I’m writing on my phone because my computer needs repair at the moment, but I couldn’t stand another second without putting my thoughts into words here.

All day long, I have seen posts about the Orlando club shooting. Obviously, because its huge news… But what has struck a nerve is the content of the posts. A staggering 9 out of 10 of them are polarized views of gun control, politics, presidential candidates and the ever-elusive “gay agenda”.

I’m floored by the insensitivity. I’m floored at the number of people who immediately jumped on Facebook, Twitter and the like, for the SOLE PURPOSE of vitriol.

I’m stunned that there are so many of you who skated right past the pain, making a beeline for the social media platform. Do you realize you skipped the appropriate amount of shock and grief, and went right to the fighting, bitching and whining?

Stop it. Just shut up.

All I can think about are the mothers, fathers, friends and loved ones gathered in hospital corridors, waiting to hear if their child, friend or brother is alive…or waiting to identify their bodies.

Do you think they’re thinking about politics right now? I doubt it. Right now, they just want the hell to stop…the horrific limbo of not knowing if or when they’ll bury their sons and daughters.

They’re making phone calls to tell other family members and friends that yes, he or she is gone from this earth forever.

They’re crying out in pain and exhaustion, deeper anguish than most of us know.

Shame on you. Shame on all of you. Get your head right up out of your collective butts, and get to praying for these fellow humans who are standing in a nightmare from which they cannot awaken.

Keep your gun control debating, Obama/Trump/Clinton hating/loving, “gay agenda” spouting, anti-this-or-that nonsense to yourself for just a little while and think about the young, vibrant lives lost. Gunned down because they went out dancing on a Saturday night. Hiding in bathrooms, texting their moms to say they were scared.

Think about that for just a minute. You’re hanging out at home, watching a movie on a Saturday night while you’ve got laundry going. Your phone vibrates. After folding the socks from your last washed load, you pick it up…

Its your 22 year old baby boy. “Mom, I’m scared. Call the police. There’s a man with a gun. I’m going to die.”

That happened not quite 48 hours ago. I feel pretty certain that mom is not in the frame of mind to call her congressman. Have some respect.

Shut your trap, still your typing fingers and go donate blood, for God’s sake. Quit posting memes.

Look, I get it. You’re mad and sad. Fine. We’re all mad and sad. But this social media monster is grossly lacking in humility and respect, and its making me sick.

Fifty people are dead. Your memes don’t mean two cents. Talk about that garbage next week – we all know it ain’t going anywhere. Now is not the time.

Just. Shut. Up.


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