Skinny Shaming and Reverse Racism

Disclaimer: There’s a LOT of cursing in this blog post, so if you’re sensitive to that, please close it up and walk away. I’m on a truth rant, and it ain’t pretty.
There seems to be this growing idea that “skinny shaming” is a big problem. It reminds me of when white people cry about “reverse racism”. Are you kidding me? Somebody was mean to you because you’re white…and somehow this entitles you to the same rage that’s 400 years in the making.
Suck it up, Buttercup.
I have no fucks to give about your hurt feelings. I just don’t.
I’ll say it again.
Black Lives Matter exists because for 400 years, they didn’t matter at all.
Suddenly they’re getting a comeuppance and you’re a delicate little flower of white privilege, crying for a safe space. Shut the fuck up. I’ll tell you where you can put your safety pin.
So, I’m scrolling through this morning, and I see an article by Cracked (which I used to love, but they’re getting so political lately…ugh. Don’t get me started on politics). Anyhoo, one of the points of this article was about skinny shaming.
Because waaaah.
I scroll through the comments (because I felt like getting pissed off, apparently) and saw the usual.
You know what I saw.
Interestingly, there were a few thin women that actually were compassionate and responded by saying “I’ll take skinny shaming – being told to eat a cheeseburger is NOT similar to what overweight people go through”.
So, yay them!
However, there were obviously some pro-fat-shamers. One guy’s comment was literally “I’m pro-fat-shaming”.
So, I copied the article image header to paste here, as well as my own comment, just for your enjoyment.
Because I’m a giver.
Here’s my comment:
“I’ve never seen entire websites or blogs dedicated to wishing eradication of all skinny people, where people come just to rant about how hideous they are. The commenters here who acknowledge that it isn’t the same are correct. Being told every day to eat something is not as hurtful as being told you’re a worthless, lazy, slovenly, filthy piece of human garbage and you should kill yourself.
While the pressure to be thin can’t be fun for an already thin person, you have to multiply it by a hundred to imagine how it feels to an overweight person. Study after study after study has shown that shaming, embarrassing and guilting a person to lose weight does not work. The ONLY thing it does is create a more intense feeling of shame, making them want to hide – and NOT go to the gym or get help – why should they? They’re embarrassed to even be alive in that shell that won’t work right.
Sure, there are some of you who recognize that SOMETIMES it is a medical problem. But if you dug a little deeper, you’d see that is more often the case than you know. Hormonal issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, massive imbalances of thyroid hormones and estrogen & progesterone levels are only a few that affect women (and those are just the ones I’ve been diagnosed with). People with these issues aren’t JUST dealing with weight because of them. Each of these has a ton of other symptoms that you don’t hear about (or care to), because all you can SEE is the weight. What you DON’T SEE is the problem, and people just love to use that for everything else BUT weight – because its such an obvious visual symptom of a greater problem. I literally have 10 days a month when I don’t have debilitating ovarian cramps.
I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks skinny people get shamed on the same level as fat people are delusional.
Do people still open doors for you, or do they open them for a thin woman and let it shut in your face?
If you walk into a restaurant, do you overhear people say, “There goes all the food!”?
If you’re dating someone, does he refuse to introduce you to his family & friends, for fear of being shamed himself?
Have you been turned down for a job you KNOW you’re overqualified for, because they don’t want a skinny person representing the company?
Have you had anyone ask you when you’re due, reminding you of the fact that you’re infertile and will NEVER be a mother because of the hormone problems that caused all your weight gain?
Have you been told you’d be pretty if only…?
Or that your ALLERGIES would magically disappear if you dropped some weight?
Or that you’d have to settle for a pittance in a lawsuit, because being fat makes you an unsympathetic victim?
Do people cringe and mutter under their breath when you get on a plane, even though they’re nowhere near as uncomfortable as you, having to ask for a seatbelt extension and PRAYING you have a free middle seat so you don’t have to spend the entire flight with your wretched body tensed up as much as you can so you’re less bothersome to others?
Shop in the juniors section…How about having people ask your friends if you have to have your clothes specially made because you’re so fat?
Are you afraid to eat in public?
Can you sit on a regular barstool without fear of either falling or breaking it and being publicly humiliated?
Does your entire existence revolve around what you’re not allowed to eat and finding ways to exercise where no one can see you, because you’re afraid some asshole will take a picture of you and put it online to make fun of you?
And its all because your fucking body won’t make hormones right, and you can’t afford the meds to help you?
Are you told by society that not only are you unacceptable because of something you actually have very little control over, but that you should DIE because NO ONE wants to LOOK AT YOU????
No. You’re told to eat more, and poked in the ribs.
Sure, that’s totally the same thing.”
*End of my comment on that page.
Here’s a scenario for you:
Me & my thin friend go out to a restaurant.
She orders a cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke.
I order tea and a chef salad.
Its 3 pm. I haven’t eaten today, and she’s eaten a stack of pancakes for breakfast.
Other customers look me in the eyes and shake their heads in disgust.
How DARE I eat food…in public, no less?
Or, we go out to eat and order the same thing.
Other customers look me in the eyes and shake their heads in disgust.
I never go to buffets, because its a waste. I wouldn’t be caught dead going back up there, and I barely fill my plate to begin with.
Whoever I’m with will go back 3 times.
Does anyone look at them with disgust? Nope.
The absolute worst that will happen is a sympathetic look of, “Oh, poor thing needs to eat more. Good for her.”
But I order a salad, and the expression says it all – “Good. Ya fat bitch.” and they shake their heads in disgust.
But yeah, skinny shaming is a problem.
When society at large accepts you, acknowledges you as human, and bends over backwards to open doors for you (literally and figuratively), and even PRAISES your thinness, you don’t get to bitch about the random shit people say about you being too skinny.
Talk to me when your very existence is seen as a scourge on humanity, and no one is afraid to openly stare and make assumptions about your CHARACTER.
THIS is how society treats thin and fat – in movies, television, websites, social media, magazines, and in REAL LIFE situations:
You’re too thin?
Poor thing. You must be starving yourself. Eat something. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be so thin, honey. Eat something. What? You can’t gain weight? OMG, that must be SO HARD for you! I can see your ribs, girl. Eat something. Wow! You’re so thin! How do you do it? Well, be careful…that may not be healthy. Eat a little more protein.
You’re too fat?
Gross. You’re disgusting, lazy and do nothing but stuff your fat face all fucking day. God, you make me sick. Why don’t you do society a favor and kill yourself already? Ever hear of a gym, fatty? Don’t break the chair, lard ass. How’d you fit out your front door? You’re a drain on the economy. Taxpayers have to shell out millions because you can’t control your junk food habit. How could anyone be attracted to you? Buy two plane tickets, and don’t you dare sit next to me. Do you even bathe? Your grocery bill must be insane. Buy a treadmill, fatass. Its called DIET and EXERCISE, sloth! Hey, come visit my “I HATE FAT PEOPLE” blog/website/Facebook page/Instagram.
Or the ones who CARE about you and STILL have no idea how their words come across…
Have you tried (9,437 fill-in-the-blanks)? Maybe you should (9,437 fill-in-the-blanks)? Thanks for the presumptuous, unsolicited advice on a extremely personal and painful part of my life with absolutely ZERO idea of what its like.
After looking for about 3 nanoseconds, the first link that popped up in Google when I typed in “I hate fat” (the drop down choices were: people, chicks, acceptance – nothing whatsoever in reference to food, dieting, recipes, mind you) was this:
Why I hate fat people, and why you should, too
Here is an excerpt from this guy’s dissertation (emphasis my own):
Fat people are more of a parody of humans than actual human beings. Being stupid, they somehow don’t understand this, and often delude themselves into thinking they’re actually attractive.
They smell. Once your body reaches a certain weight, daily life becomes a struggle. Simple things like going to the bathroom and being able to wipe yourself become impossible to do without help. Simple tasks elevate your heart rate and make you sweat. You can imagine that the combination of these things makes people beyond a certain weight smell horrible.
They’re lazy. Since they’re out of shape and overweight, any level of exertion beyond sitting and/or eating is torture to them. Instead of fixing the problem by putting down their forks and moving around more, they avoid nearly all forms of exertion like the plague, which means that they can’t really get anything done, and people around them end up having to pick up their slack. This is worsened by fat people in the armed forces and police forces, where fitness is important.

They’re stupid. Studies have shown that obesity literally damages your brain, and I find that very easy to accept, since fat people say some of the dumbest shit I have ever heard. This is actually good in a way, because it makes their lies utterly transparent.

They’re quitters. They have no willpower at all, which is one of the main reasons why they remain fat. Becoming healthy requires a lifestyle change, but they are completely unwilling to do anything beyond some short term crazy fad diet, or take some pills, or get a gastric bypass so that overeating becomes harder for them to do. They look for the easiest laziest way out, and they act like it’s not their fault when they inevitably fail.

-They’re a burden. They take handicap spots and mobility scooters away from people with legitimate disabilities. They drain the healthcare system. They make waiting times for emergency care take longer for people with real problems. They take up too much space on buses and airplanes, often to the point that they are nearly suffocating the people unfortunate enough to have to sit next to them. The worst part is that being fat is avoidable, since being fat is the result of all the choices you make on a daily basis. And yet fat people like to claim that their weight doesn’t affect other people.

-They’re destroying the environment and causing unnecessary suffering….”


I could post more from this post, as this wasn’t even half of it, but I can’t stand to read any more. But the funnest part is the comments. Here are just a few of the kudos this guy received in the hundreds of like-minded commenters:

Fucking bravo, man. You put it into words that I couldn’t even think of myself because I’m an inarticulate piece of shit. When my boyfriend asks me again why I hate fat people, I will show him this.
They’re delusional and destructive. They want the fruits of labor without the actual labor. With being lazy, they expect the same reward for someone who worked for it (ex. Taking care of the body to be attractive) What do they do? They demand everyone else to lower standards to cater to fat people who no work ethic or body ethic.
To the fats who read and thought “oh well he doesn’t mean me then, I don’t do X so I’m not like those other disgusting fatties” I want you to know that you’re wrong. You do at least half, probably most and likely all of these things.
Genius. This needs to be spread around the web.
My boyfriend is a shitlord but he’s just not as upfront about it and he still views them as people. I’m trying to show him the light.
Still think skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming? That was just one site. Just the first one that came up. There are literally thousands of them. People like this won’t usually say these things out loud in public, but they think them and they’ll say them online and you can see it in their eyes and hear it in stage whispers every fucking day. THESE people are the guy next to you on the bus. The cashier at the boutique. Your waiter. Your stepmother.
And if you think like this and assume we fatties don’t know? You’re wrong.
Or if you’re skinny and occasionally get “haters”…read all that shit again and then whine at me about your problems.
I’ll tell you what…..
Find me a group of “normal” sized people who hate skinny people this much.
I’ll make it easy. Find just a dozen. 12 people.
They can’t be fat, though. They have to be “normal” sized, because we’re talking about society’s ‘norm’ doing all the shaming.
Go ahead. Show me how bad it is. I’ll wait.
Oh, by the way, if you type “I hate skinny” into Google, your choices are “jeans” and “pants”.
Carry on…

Get Your Face Out Of My Face

I wanted to post the Anais Nin quote about mermaids and shallow living, but I feel like too much attention is always on the mermaid part – and never the true meaning of that statement.
I’m in my head today. Bored of the Kardashian-esque world I live in, where everyone is so…self. I’m drowning in the shallow end, waiting for someone to say something interesting or revolutionary.
I want to hear ideas and dreams and concepts instead of ‘look what I ate’ or ‘look at my face’ for the 900th time.
Godblessamerica, somebody say or post something deeper. Open my mind. Show me something real. REAL.
I’m so sick to DEATH of the daily selfies, I have already screamed and I’m not sure if I can stop. I mean, who the hell are you to blast your mug in my feed every effing day? Why do you think the world needs at least one photo of you per 24 hours? WHY?
Look, we’re all vain to one degree or another. But good God, this is insane. This Facebook group I’m in – there are about 3-4 chicks who are so thirsty it is almost shocking. They’re not outright posting boobs, but cleavage for sure. I have no issues with the pics – I just don’t understand why it has to be every freaking day. WITH. OUT. FAIL.
We KNOW what the hell you look like, princess. Geezus. At what point do you think there MIGHT be enough ‘likes’ to make you feel okay about being you? And could ya stop with the “OMG, you’re TOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!”
Really? You’re so surprised someone would say you’re pretty?
Because that’s not why you put that there?
Just like yesterday.
And the day before that.
And the day before that.
And all of the days before that too.
I’m one of the admins, and I’m about to go off on this. I can’t handle it. I don’t watch reality tv, because I loathe narcissistic behavior. The “LOOK AT ME” culture is insane. Shut the f&#k up and DO SOMETHING.
I’ve never encountered this. I don’t keep friends who do this. They’re too busy living life. I’m on Facebook WAAAAAY more than my friends, and yet I still don’t post pictures of myself THAT often.
Post pictures of your kids. Your dog. Your car. Your boat. I don’t care. Just STOP shoving your face in my face. I find it offensive that you insist on loading up ANYONE’S Facebook feed with that shite.
Do you seriously have that low of a self-worth? That you have to get adoration and approval from strangers?
You could post a thousand (more) photos of your face, and still not have gotten enough hugs as a kid. Pull up your big girl panties and get a therapist. Go see a movie. Read a f#@king book. Talk to people about the movie and the book.
Just do anything BESIDES take more pictures of yourself and throw them in my face. Bitch, I KNOW what you look like.
Okay, I think I’ve gotten it out for real this time.