Get Your Face Out Of My Face

I wanted to post the Anais Nin quote about mermaids and shallow living, but I feel like too much attention is always on the mermaid part – and never the true meaning of that statement.
I’m in my head today. Bored of the Kardashian-esque world I live in, where everyone is so…self. I’m drowning in the shallow end, waiting for someone to say something interesting or revolutionary.
I want to hear ideas and dreams and concepts instead of ‘look what I ate’ or ‘look at my face’ for the 900th time.
Godblessamerica, somebody say or post something deeper. Open my mind. Show me something real. REAL.
I’m so sick to DEATH of the daily selfies, I have already screamed and I’m not sure if I can stop. I mean, who the hell are you to blast your mug in my feed every effing day? Why do you think the world needs at least one photo of you per 24 hours? WHY?
Look, we’re all vain to one degree or another. But good God, this is insane. This Facebook group I’m in – there are about 3-4 chicks who are so thirsty it is almost shocking. They’re not outright posting boobs, but cleavage for sure. I have no issues with the pics – I just don’t understand why it has to be every freaking day. WITH. OUT. FAIL.
We KNOW what the hell you look like, princess. Geezus. At what point do you think there MIGHT be enough ‘likes’ to make you feel okay about being you? And could ya stop with the “OMG, you’re TOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!”
Really? You’re so surprised someone would say you’re pretty?
Because that’s not why you put that there?
Just like yesterday.
And the day before that.
And the day before that.
And all of the days before that too.
I’m one of the admins, and I’m about to go off on this. I can’t handle it. I don’t watch reality tv, because I loathe narcissistic behavior. The “LOOK AT ME” culture is insane. Shut the f&#k up and DO SOMETHING.
I’ve never encountered this. I don’t keep friends who do this. They’re too busy living life. I’m on Facebook WAAAAAY more than my friends, and yet I still don’t post pictures of myself THAT often.
Post pictures of your kids. Your dog. Your car. Your boat. I don’t care. Just STOP shoving your face in my face. I find it offensive that you insist on loading up ANYONE’S Facebook feed with that shite.
Do you seriously have that low of a self-worth? That you have to get adoration and approval from strangers?
You could post a thousand (more) photos of your face, and still not have gotten enough hugs as a kid. Pull up your big girl panties and get a therapist. Go see a movie. Read a f#@king book. Talk to people about the movie and the book.
Just do anything BESIDES take more pictures of yourself and throw them in my face. Bitch, I KNOW what you look like.
Okay, I think I’ve gotten it out for real this time.