New Blog Title and Douche-Nuggetry.

The blog name.

I did it in a hurry and had a brain fart, so it’s pretty boring. I want to change it to something that more accurately describes its content: The ramblings of a chubby spinster just trying to lie down on the hammock of life with weird random things happening to her on a regular basis that almost makes you think she’s being followed by a film crew sometimes.

Here are my ideas so far:

Well, Crap.

I Wasn’t Finished With That.

Because, Of Course.

The Perpetual June Bug (or some variation on the June Bug Theory).

The Feels.

That Norene Girl (also happens to be my email, so yay for convenience?)

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m at job #2, and have literally had about 6 minutes of work to do. I printed out a receipt from a vendor and reorganized the white-erase job board. The boys haven’t even been here since I showed up.

I pulled in, and there’s suddenly a fleet of Cadillac suv’s filling our parking lot and the grassy area behind it. Whatever.

I come in, set down my stuff on my desk and go to the bathroom. After washing my hands, I reach for the paper towel roll (one of those giant brown ones, because this is a metal fabrication shop – the fanciest thing in here is me), and just as my hand touches the roll, I see a GIANT cockroach twitching its antennae INSIDE the roll.

So that’s how MY day started.

Then, my computer decided it need to do updates for the entire first hour I was here, so I caught up on my Facebook stalking, read a few “news” articles, then did the worky things.

Clearly, it was time for my break. Out in the shop, I asked one of the guys who works for the shop next door (we share warehouse space) about the douche-nugget’s new collection of Cadillacs outside “like he doesn’t take up enough space already!”, and he said they’re probably another set of cars from the dealer across the street….

Apparently, the guy on the other side of us (who owns a collision repair shop and constantly blocks the driveway and takes up all the parking spaces, and has even been cited by the city for this in the past) has some kind of contract with the dealership regarding cars for foreign diplomats.

So these Caddy’s that are about $150k each, are then outfitted with bulletproof EVERYTHING – like, you can’t even puncture a tire on those suckers – because they’re going to some prince in Dubai or some such nonsense. Like, $200k worth of work done on top of the already cray-cray price tag. So there’s literally SO MANY millions of dollars being a pain in my ass right now. The collision shop (douche-nugget) guy gets the contract to do touch-ups on the paint and body after all that extra work has been done. I’m sure its a huge contract for him.

I called the cops.

Then I emailed the owner of the property that we all rent from and let him know about douche-nugget’s douche-nuggetry.

Then I started thinking about blog names and how mine sucks and is totes unoriginal, and here we are.