More Name Ideas

Day 2 of trying to imagine a new name for this blog while at job #2 pretending like I’m not milking the clock. Feel free to comment with some ideas. Here are some as they come to me:

Milking The Clock

Quit Bein’ Ugly


Snarkasm 101

The Snarky Spinster

Snark Week

…Or High Water

The Lollygagger’s Guide To The Universe

The Wet Hen (as in, “madder than a”)

Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Verbal Release Therapy

Leave Me Alone

Get Off My Lawn


The Unfriendly Spinster

I Hate All Of You

Ew, People.

I Can’t Even

Okay, this took a turn. Huh. I suppose I’d better slow my roll. Rolls. Biscuits. Biscuits & Gravy. I’m hungry. Oh, yay! It’s almost 1. I can shut it down and take off..

Fare thee well, peeps.